House and Green: Where Food Meets Fashion (Revue Magazine)

There was a time when food was just food. Saucepans were saucepans, cutlery was cutlery and kitchens were just… well…kitchens. But things are changing. Guatemala City’s popular household and garden store House and Green is fast turning local cocina’s into catwalks where trash cans and wooden spoons deserve their place on the culinary runway.

Since its opening, nearly ten years ago, the store has quickly become the place to shop for trendy kitchen gadgets and fancy crockery, with restaurants across the country stocking up on its stylish glassware and sleek designs. But the appeal doesn’t stop there. House and Green has built its reputation on its ability to cater to all food fanatics – from housewives to head chefs – blurring the boundaries between professional institutions and home kitchens. Regular customers even visit from as far away as Honduras and El Salvador to purchase the latest in both fashionable and practical cooking utensils.

“People come to House and Green for brands, variety and prices,” says Administrator Beatriz de Castillo. “Some of the City’s most important chefs shop here and recommend us to their students. Many of our customers hope to have their own restaurant someday, whereas others just enjoy cooking.”

It is hard to tell whether it’s because of the influx of cooking programs on TV or because of the wide range of culinary products now available on supermarket shelves, but food has become fashionable and House and Green are certainly keeping up with the trend.

Whether you need a cauldron-sized 160 liter cooking pot or a more user-friendly oven pan House and Green offers both alongside one another. Its range of red and purple kitchenware allows you to color coordinate your kitchen; even if you don’t like cooking it’s hard not to be inspired by some of the products on offer.

Ever eaten bumblebee pancakes or beehive-shaped sponge? The quirky selection of cake tins on offer will leave you feeling enthused when it comes to planning children’s birthday parties.

As well as boasting a vast range of items, the shop also has a vast range of prices. The heftiest price-tag belongs to a six-person, glass dining table which comes in at Q8,800 whereas a rather more modest glass tea light holder will set you back just Q9.00.

With its eclectic mix of garden furniture, artwork and curtains upstairs and everything you could ever need to equip your kitchen downstairs, House and Green’s two stores are giving homes across the country a face-lift.


3 Responses to “House and Green: Where Food Meets Fashion (Revue Magazine)”

  1. 1 catherinetodd3 July 23, 2013 at 10:25 pm

    Glad to find about this store in Guatemala City. Will definitely have to visit and buy some things there!

  2. 2 catherinetodd3 July 23, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    What is the address or contact info of House and Green? How do I find this store?

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